Detox & Purify package Minimum Stay - 14 to 28 Nights 90 - 120 Daily Treatment Time

Detoxification & Purification

The Detoxification Journey
In this package, you will experience a blend of detoxification and purification therapies. The program’s main objective is to cleanse your body from toxins, reduce cravings, and create a sanctuary for your recovery. The therapies may include herbal oil massages, Shirodhara, Njavarakizhi, Thalam, and herbal steam baths, among others. These treatments are designed to cleanse your body and prepare you for the rehabilitation phase.
The Benefits of Ayurvedic Detoxification:
Detoxification is a holistic approach to eliminating toxins from your body. It enhances overall health and strengthens your body. The program includes a combination of laxatives, diuretics, vitamins, teas, and herbal items to facilitate detoxification. These therapies help rid your body of unwanted toxins and substances that accumulate due to factors such as processed foods, stress, and exposure to chemical-based products. Through Ayurveda, you’ll discover how a balanced diet, can lead to optimum health.

Step 1

The Power of Ayurveda: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Wellness

Understanding You & Your Body

Our approach to healing encompasses a holistic assessment of your health and wellbeing. This includes understanding your constitution, assessing the balance of your doshas, examining your tissues, evaluating your digestive fire (agni), gauging your immunity (ojas) and mental harmony (sattva). The doctor will inquire about your sleeping habits, diet, state of mind, and medical history.

Step 2

Luxurious Softouch Ayurveda Spa Room in Kerala featuring a relaxing Jacuzzi for rejuvenation and well-being

Body Therapies & Treatment Plan

Your treatment plan may involve treatments such as herbal oil massages, Dhara, Njavarakizhi, Thailam, herbal steam baths, and internal medicines. These treatments are tailored to pacify your vitiated dosha and strengthen your body tissues.The detoxification phase is concluded with Vasti, a vital Ayurvedic therapy that expels undigested metabolic residues (Ama) from the body, offering profound benefits.

Step 3

Ayurvedic Cuisine

Our approach focuses on origin of food, meal timing, food quality, combination, quantity, preparation, environment, and mindful eating. These principles are implemented to ensure that the food you consume promotes healing & vitality.

Step 4

Daily Yoga sessions at Softouch Ayurveda Village Kerala Resort, guided by an expert in our peaceful and natural setting, promoting wellness and serenity.

Yoga & Ayurveda

This complete detoxification process is enhanced by yoga therapy, nature walks, relaxation techniques, and meditation. By forming healthier habits, feeling rejuvenated, and gaining inner strength, you'll find a more empowered version of yourself.

Step 5

Ayurveda & The Mind

Our Ayurvedic packages prioritize achieving mental balance & physical wellness through holistic therapies, yoga, and meditation. We work to make Sattva, the energy of harmony and clarity, the predominant guna of your mind.

We need enough time to introduce two detox treatments, cleansing of the body takes time.

The Ayurvedic doctor will create a personalised treatment plan tailored to your medical history and maybe include Shirodhara, Njavarakizhi, Thailam. The package includes all related therapies & services at no extra cost.

We’ve established a system to connect our Ayurveda Doctor to discuss your individual treatment plan and dietary needs prior to your visit. Please visit our “Contact Us” page and schedule an appointment via Calendly.

Certainly, our Ayurvedic doctors will create a personalized nutrition plan for you, offering a variety of delicious home-cooked meals that are both nourishing and satisfying,

Detoxification is a Panchakarma treatment however, note that not all the “therapies” are always necessary. Measures like vomiting for example are only recommended if they are absolutely essential and based on Doctor assessment.

  • Individuals with high-stress lifestyles, poor blood and lymph circulation
  • Those committed to abstaining from tobacco, alcohol, or drugs 
  • Individuals on long-term prescription medications
  • People dealing with health issues like arthritis, digestive disorders, exhaustion,rheumatism and sleep deprivation.

If there isn’t a treatment package for your specific clinical symptoms, you can opt for our relaxation packages requiring a minimum stay of 7 nights.

Yes, this is possible due to our transparent all-inclusive pricing adjusted to the booked room type. However if another package requires you to stay more nights, then this difference will have to be paid at the property.

The below services are included with the package. Please note – 14 nights  minimum stay apply! Contact us via the form for any special requests or email

The treatment duration varies depending on your doctor’s prescribed therapies for that day. Typically, treatments last between 90 and 120 minutes. However, there may be variations with longer or shorter sessions on specific days.

Consult with our Senior Ayurveda Doctor or in-house resident Doctor daily to alleviate your concerns.

Savour organic home cooked vegetarian meals & freshly prepared juices and herbal Tea. The doctor will recommend you a diet plan to maximise results.

Medicines recommended by the Doctor during consultation are provided free of charge during stay.

The prices listed cover the Grand Suite category. If you wish to upgrade to a higher room type, please check the availability calendar and book the room type as value-add.

Immerse in daily yoga session to enhance your mind, body, & soul. We also offer  guided mediation after Yoga.

Enjoy complimentary pickup & drop-off services in comfort from Cochin Airport.

Please Note -

The all-inclusive prices listed includes the Grand Suite room. If you wish to upgrade to a higher room type, please check the availability calendar and book the higher room type as value-add.

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